The Protective Group is well equipped to handle both Full Rate Production (FRP) from LRIP as well as a competitive Build to Print (BIP) process.  Our Supply Chain management, estimating team and manufacturing management have demonstrated both long term and rapid response ramp ups for efficient large scale production contracts such as ESAPI, HMMWV Ambulance Doors and EBPS. We employ a Flexible Work Force that allow us to shape our production lines depending on product mix and complexity.

Full Rate and build-to-print production follow the completion of operational testing of initial production products, to scale up production and/or fielding.  FRP is our highest level of production readiness. At this point of the process there are “no significant manufacturing risks.” We have the Quality Systems in place for large FRP production quantities and our manufacturing processes is under statistical control. During this phase, fully funded quantities of systems and supporting materials and services for the program are delivered to the users. Customer defined lot testing will occur during this phase to ensure compliance with the technical data package.  TPG is an AS9100 Revision C certified company.


TPG has demonstrated the ability to deliver a high quality, repetitive product in the tens of thousands such as we did with ESAPI for the U.S. Army.  We can do small quantities or thousands.