From the oceans to the jungles and deserts, TPG high-performance solutions are the choice of end users who operate in difficult environments.


Designing high-performance survivability systems for conventional operating conditions is already a significant challenge. Designing systems for precision, durability and performance in hostile environments like Afghanistan, Iraq or the jungles of South America and South East Asia is even more complex and challenging.


TPG incorporates designs optimized for ruggedness and durability that are rigorously tested to ensure flawless operation in the most extreme conditions. TPG provides solutions that answer the need for a higher level of precision performance when simply surviving is considered a success.



TPG platform systems are at home in a wide range of unforgiving conditions. They are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, crash loads, severe shock, constant vibration, petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) and a variety of other potentially destructive factors tested to stringent U.S. Defense standards. The U.S. Department of Defense and its allies’ end users around the world rely on TPG when their livelihoods are on the line. Here are a few extreme environments you’ll find TPG systems at work:


  • Light weight protection for all small arms threats
  • Performs in Extreme Hot/Cold/Humid conditions
  • Does not degrade in Salt/Fog conditions
  • Reliable in NVG missions
  • Improved performance against severe shock and vibration
  • Airworthy certified systems in high G environments
  • Environmental protection in hazardous conditions such as blood borne pathogens



Frequently, a customer’s application will require performance at a much higher level than is typically available. TPG works closely with the customer to meet the challenge, often delivering an unprecedented level of efficiency, durability and precision. You’ll find TPG high-performance solutions at work in applications such as:


  • Enhancing protection in Patriot Missile Systems
  • Improving airworthiness performance for high performance aircraft: UH-60M, V-22 and CH-47 F
  • Minimizing parts for reduced level of logistic requirements
  • Innovating next-generation platform systems for air, sea, personnel and land

When customers need high-performance solutions for their most taxing environments and applications, TPG is ready to help.