At TPG, engineering excellence is in our corporate DNA. Over 50 years ago, the company was founded by an engineer who was fascinated with solving tough technical problems. Today, the majority of our senior management team is comprised of engineers and more than 35% of our employees are engineers. Unified by a common drive to continuously undertake immense challenges, our team strives to solve and deliver innovative solutions through imaginative engineering.



Working with TPG means tapping into an agile, network of engineers who bring passion, persistence and innovation to every project. With offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, customers can count on TPG’s ability to support customer requirements anywhere in the world.

Our engineers are as comfortable in the field as they are in a TPG laboratory or testing facility. They are always ready to jump aboard an airplane at a moment’s notice to solve a customer’s problem or add specific expertise to an ongoing project.



TPG engineers have a reputation for building strong relationships with customer’s technical support teams and operators. Our best work is done when our engineers work directly with our customer’s requirements personnel. So our people roll up their sleeves and become members of our customers’ project team, spending days or weeks or even months on site until the challenges are understood, and solutions designed.

To foster this kind of teamwork and collaboration, our engineers work with a high degree of autonomy—taking on significant responsibilities for a successful outcome.


TPG believes in taking a true systems engineering approach, giving our teams a broad perspective on all the various systems, components and technical issues involved. In this way, TPG engineers can bring new energy, ideas and viewpoints to the entire project, while continuing their focus on TPG’s specialized areas of expertise.


In addition to systems engineering, we employ a wide variety of engineers who focus on materials and manufacturing. Our engineering teams have hands on experience with manufacturing equipment so they can better design and optimize our products for a highly repeatable production process.



Fostering passion and problem-solving begins with a corporate culture attuned to engineers. A culture where personal lives are respected, where everyone’s voice is heard and where they can find constant satisfaction in their work.

TPG engineers have access to advanced equipment for modeling and simulation, custom software and tools, and state-of-the-art test labs, clean rooms and other technical facilities.


They are supported by a senior management team whose members often come from an engineering background, understand engineering and encourage the founders’ vision of ‘disruptive technology’–an approach that promotes innovative engineering and thinking differently to uncover new solutions.


When it comes to collaboration, TPG works with suppliers who share our vision and can maintain the same technical and quality standards that we do. These suppliers become trusted members of our team.