TPG engineers, scientists and technologists have long been at the forefront of innovation in a range of Defense Markets.


We adhere to a ‘disruptive technology’ ethos: looking for new ways to solve our customers’ problems, challenging the status quo and seeking a broader perspective on what our solutions can achieve. At any given time, we have dozens of development projects in process—leading the innovation on the world’s most advanced survivability applications in aircraft, shipboard, personnel and land vehicle platforms.


We also invest heavily in strategic acquisitions of smaller, emerging companies who are creating these disruptive technologies. This helps us continually build on our existing expertise with new ideas, fresh perspectives and an enhanced technology and solutions portfolio.



When a customer challenge can only be solved with breakthrough technology, TPG delivers the technical resources, creativity and development time necessary to do whatever it takes. Today, our engineers are leading experts on the world’s most critical technological issues, providing answers and insights in such areas as aircraft weight reduction systems, advanced nautical survivability systems, life protecting breakthroughs in torso protection, and more.


TPG Advanced Technologies delivers results in challenging applications such as:


  • Introducing substantial weight reduction for airframe crashworthy armor systems
  • Reducing vibration to in-flight platforms
  • Minimizing military aircraft and vehicle downtime in high op-tempo conditions
  • Advancing the capabilities of survivability systems



Our deep understanding of customer applications and a wide range of technologies provides our engineers a significant advantage in creating new solutions. TPG has always been synonymous with high-performance composite material technology. Today, our leadership in mission driven solutions, environmental, structural and ballistic expertise allow us to collaborate on specific customer designs that continue to set us apart.


Learn about current TPG technology customer initiatives including:


  • Transitioning from metallic to light weight composite technology
  • Providing next-generation structural composite ballistic platforms
  • Redefining performance for opaque and transparent systems
  • Improving thrust in mission-critical applications



Unlike many of the armor companies around the world, The Protective Group (TPG) has developed laboratory capabilities that allow us to develop then execute the test without requiring scheduling off-site tests. Our in-house capabilities are:


• Ballistic Laboratory Live Fire Testing:  MIL-STD-662 and NIJ

  • Lot and Material Testing:  up to .50 caliber AP
  • Fragment Simulator Testing:  up to .50 caliber
  • Advanced Ballistic Data Capture
  • Radiography
  • Impact Testing
  • Hardness Testing