The Protective Group has a strong history of taking concepts from Systems Requirement Review (SRR) through to Critical Design Review (CDR) into Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP). LRIP is intended to result in:


  • Completion of manufacturing development in order to ensure adequate and efficient manufacturing capability
  • Produce the minimum quantity necessary to provide production or production-representative articles for Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E)
  • Establish an initial production base for the system
  • Permit orderly increase in the production rate for the system, sufficient to lead to Full-Rate Production (FRP) upon successful completion of operational and live fire testing.

TPG has successfully completed LRIP for the following programs:


  1. ABSS, V-22 NAVAIR
  2. EBPS, H-47 USA PEO Aviation
  3. EBPS, H-60 USA PEO Aviation
  4. ESAPI, USA PEO Soldier
  5. MITAS, H-47 USA PEO Aviation
  6. MITAS, H60 USA Technology Applications Program Office