Today, simply purchasing off-the-shelf components is not enough. Around the world, forward-thinking customers require the expertise, innovation and diverse technical skills of TPG engineers to design fully integrated systems and implement them in a wide range of complex mission oriented applications.


True integration requires a high level of collaboration between TPG and our customers. In many instances, our engineers become an integral part of the customer’s design authority team. We support their design objectives by thoroughly understanding the technical challenges and finding innovative ways to boost performance while optimizing system attributes such as reliability, weight and cost. We are proven experts at developing highly advanced system solutions and can augment our customers’ in-house resources.


Through close collaboration, a willingness to tailor solutions to meet today’s most complex challenges and access to the world’s most robust designs, TPG continues to move integrated survivability systems to a new level of performance for customers around the world.

Incorporating a Range of Material Composite Solutions


Our technology-neutral approach ensures unbiased knowledge of all materials and technologies into the design. Of course, if we don’t already have a vital system, we’ll simply put a team together to create it.


The Protective Group system integration offers many benefits for a variety of customers, with improved performance at the top of the list. Learn how TPG integrates our components and motion systems into key customer applications:


  • Combining platform similar components for higher productivity
  • Bringing a comprehensive approach to platform design
  • Innovating a new approach to parts minimization
  • Pushing the limits in weight reduction

Keeping You Focused on the Big Picture


With TPG spearheading or collaborating in the design of entire subsystems, customers can better manage their administrative costs and reduce the overall platform development time, all while leveraging the expertise of a specialist in sophisticated survivability technologies.


Specifically, our engagement can include the entire spectrum of collaborative activities including:


  • Requirements definition
  • Detailed design
  • System integration
  • System qualification
  • Production
  • Service/support


In a variety of markets, TPG plays a vital role in delivering turn-key systems that deliver significant benefits to manufacturers and end users alike. See how we accomplish this for all platform designs: aviation, shipboard, personnel and land vehicle.